There’s a lot of talk about “personal branding” and what that means for business owners, leaders, artists, and performers. At the heart of it are two basic questions:

How do people perceive you?

How do you WANT to be perceived?

That’s it.

We both know you’re in the section because you’re thinking about your personal brand.

First of all, can we stop calling it that? Good.

Because when people say “brand”, you think “logo” and you are not a logo.


One more question: What makes you different?

Yes my special snowflake, that’s key to building your brand. What you do, what you know, what you say, and what others say about you are all essential components.

I will work you to go beyond the bio. We will take you though a 4-week program that will include biography development, defining your target audience, and connecting you to those can build your brand: including graphic designers, photographers, stylists, and whatever else is needed to make you…YOU

At the end of the program you’ll have all the essential tools you’ll need to stand out in a crowd.

Ready for your close up?