Excuse you? What’s with the name?

Let’s just address that right away. I’ve made you clutch your pearls a bit didn’t I?


(How unprofessional!)

If we’re choosing to define “professional” using the standard corporate method.

But, I have no desire to be corporate. I’ve been corporate. It was fun. I’ve left it.

This name tells you that I’m not corporate. You now know exactly where I stand.

The word also doesn’t offend me. I’m direct, honest, smart, and outspoken. Now, if that means people are going to call me a “bitch” (insert shrug here)…


When working with me, there are going to be moments where you’re going to want to have a bitch in your corner; why not custom crafted one?

Now that I have your attention, let’s get to work.

At the core of it is the idea. I craft ideas and have been crafting them for 20 years. These ideas have become:

  • Content for digital, social, and print
  • Video
  • Signature Events
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Social Projects

Can’t wait to get started.